You have 72 hours from initial notice to make payment.
After 6 days, you will NO LONGER be able to recover the decryption password and authorities will be alarmed.

W've been tracking you for a while,
we know you've been illegaly collecting emails and spamming people,
we have all of your informations, and we're ready to share.
we have ip logs , personal informations, emails and your email tests, and victims emails that you're spamming without opt-in
if we don't see any deposit within 6 days we will automatically
share it with the biggest anti-fraud agencies including Spamhaus, APWG ( the Anti-Phishing Working Group )
and the concerned authorities including INTERPOL, EUROPOL and your country's police authority (DGSN in your case).
which mean you will be guilty and they will take action to arrest you sooner or later,

Once the payment is made, we WILL NOT take any action, and you will recover your password.

Contact our telegram @RansoSerbsBot for payment & password recovery.

Authorities will be alarmed in: